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The Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System:

Let your garden clean your pond and your pond fertilize your garden!

The Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System (NWTS) is our premier powerhouse system for cleaning water. It imitates nature’s water purification cycle in order to clean water effectively while at the same time producing beneficial plants!

Starting at $3733! For ponds as small as 300 gallons! (Using a 70 gal. 2’ x 6’ single tank Ecoasis NWTS)

20200629_View From Path Cropped.jpg

A 510 gallon Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System (NWTS) used to treat the water of a large goldfish/turtle pond

(over 3000 gallons).

The Ecoasis NWTS integrates a combination of four natural water treatment technologies into one powerful system, maximizing biodiversity - and effectiveness.

Pictures of a pond before and after the water was treated with an Ecoasis NWTS



What are the benefits?


  • Our new Ecoasis NWTS design is even more effective, attractive and low maintenance - and grows more plants!

  • Scalable: Can be designed and sized to meet specific needs and preferences.

  • Water tank(s) can be installed in various configurations (eg: along the edge of a pond).

  • Built in garden with little or no weeding required!

  • Grow native wetland plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables and edible fish for self-sufficiency. - Save money on groceries!

  • Tremendous growth with no fertilizing or watering required!

  • No need for cleaning out or back-flushing filter media for your pond!

  • Produce healthy, natural food for pond fish and turtles!

  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable solution to improving water quality.

  • Unique, attractive accent feature.

  • Can be installed to treat the water of an existing pond or we can install a pond with it as a complete package.

  • Can be used to treat septic tank leachate.

IMG_20200629_Cropped NWTS.jpg

Water Test Results for the Ecoasis NWTS at PAWS Farm, Mount Laurel, NJ

Pond water quality improved dramatically within four months of completion.

For more water test results please click          .

For a short video with more information on the Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System please click          .




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Natural life like frogs and dragonflies move into the ideal conditions of Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment Systems and lay eggs. They help to protect the plants from insects and their offspring add to the biodiversity of the system.

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