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Founder of Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment is announced the winner of the 2021 Your Green Homestead Highest Rated Entry Award


BRENTWOOD, Tenn. and MEDFORD, New Jersey, USA – February 19, 2022 – 

                                       [YGH] today announced the winner of the 2021 YGH Highest Rated Entry Award – Robert Elderhorst, Founder of Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment LLC [Ecoasis].

Robert Elderhorst participated in a yearly contest on with an inspirational video describing his innovative sustainable system of natural water treatment which can be used for ponds and other open water applications. Rob’s contest entry Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System attracted the highest number of popular votes both on the YGH website and on YGH social media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn). The YGH online community member ratings earned for Rob and Ecoasis the 2021 YGH Award in the amount of $1,000.00.


“I’m honored to be the recipient of the 2021 YGH Highest Rated Award,” said Rob Elderhorst. “I would like to thank God, my girlfriend Christen for all her love and support, Your Green Homestead, Natalia Smothers, and all those who voted for my entry. I appreciate the award money as well and will make sure it is put to good use for equipment upgrades for Ecoasis. My goal is to leave the world a better place than I found it.”

Rob’s design is based on the ideas of the large-scale Eco-Machines developed by Professor John Todd at University of Vermont who later became Founder and President of Ocean Arks International. Rob came up with a smaller, lower-cost, in-ground water treatment system that could be used for treating the water of ponds and other polluted water sources. Like Dr. Todd’s eco-technologies, the Ecoasis natural water treatment system mimics natural, biological purification of water with the help of local naturally present algae, fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms as well as snails, tadpoles, shrimps and various plants.

“We hear a lot of exciting news about sustainability initiatives at the level of various companies and public organizations,” said Natalia Smothers, founder of Your Green Homestead. “Households, farms, and homesteads are mostly limited to composting, recycling, and conserving energy. Rob’s innovative design presents a possibility of a sustainable naturally filtered pond that also doubles as a place to grow vegetables right in our backyards. This sounds exciting and inspirational!”

About Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment LLC

Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment LLC is a company focused on eco-friendly design and construction of natural water treatment systems utilizing natural organisms such as bacteria to consume nutrients and impurities in order to clean water naturally and effectively.

About Your Green Homestead

Your Green Homestead [YGH] is an online educational and entertainment platform dedicated to inspiring sustainable design, one household at a time. YGH accomplishes its mission through a yearly contest of creative works featuring sustainable design ideas and stories for the chance to win YGH Highest Rated Entry Awards rated by YGH registered members. The members of YGH online community also post their news and events and participate in YGH forum discussions.

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