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Let your plants clean your aquarium and your aquarium water and fertilize your plants!

Would you like to have a beautiful aquarium but you don’t have the time or desire to clean it every month? Then the Ecoarium is for you: You only have to clean it once per year!

The Ecoarium is a freshwater aquarium (with fish and plants of your choosing) with a miniature but powerful Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System (NWTS) behind it. It’s a small, dynamic ecosystem. The water is cleaned naturally and effectively as it cycles through the Ecoasis NWTS and returns to the aquarium. You don’t have to clean out filthy filter material and you get to choose which plants you want to grow in the NWTS such as beautiful flowers and/or herbs! 

Ecoarium Drawing.jpeg

Conceptual drawing of an Ecoarium

Please note that the Water Hyacinth, Parrot Feather and terrestrial plants (with their leaves in the air) and some of their roots (growing down into the water) as well as the blue and white sheet of bio-media on the left are visible in the treatment tank behind the fish tank.

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