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The Ecoasis Biofiltration System

When conventional pond filtration isn’t sufficient

Biofiltration utilizes organisms such as bacteria to consume nutrients and impurities; cleaning water naturally and effectively.

The Ecoasis Biofiltration System doesn’t grow plants but it's still capable of handling heavy biological loads. It's low cost and has a small spatial requirement. It can also be used in areas where there’s significant tree cover and falling leaves and still remain low maintenance.

This system is effective for high biological load situations such as duck ponds, aquaponics, larger ponds, ponds with high fish (or turtle) concentrations and ponds utilized by geese.

The standard Ecoasis biofiltration system utilizes a two-pronged approach:

  1. A biofiltration system consisting of two 55 gallon tanks installed in the ground; One acts as a centrifugal settling tank where most solids settle out. The water then moves to the second tank which is aerated and contains a special biomedia where remaining solids and nutrients get digested before returning to the pond.

  2. Two venturi pumps (or air diffusers, depending on the size and depth of the pond) are installed in the pond in order to aerate and circulate the water. Venturi pumps draw in air, mix it with the water and pump out a mixture of air and water. This causes further biofiltration to take place in the pond itself. Aeration also increases total dissolved oxygen so normal biological processes in a water based ecosystem can become balanced.

There’s no filthy, smelly filter material to have to clean. Simply periodically pump the solids out of the settling tank.

This standard system costs only $3750 + tax including installation. These systems are customizable however, based on your needs. Contact us today for your custom no obligation quote.

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