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Aquaponics Services

Ecoasis also provides aquaponics services such as setting up an aquaponic system or making enhancements to an existing aquaponic system to make it more sustainable, efficient and profitable. These can include: 

  • Growing your own natural food sources for the fish (and/or shrimp) in order to increase the health and growth rate of the fish as well as greatly improving the profit margin of your fish sales by reducing the amount of commercial fish food required.

  • Greatly increase the number of products - and therefore income, produced by your aquaponic system.

  • Incorporating an Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System to produce more natural food for the fish, grow more plants, produce more products and avoid having to clean out filtration material that smells like rotten eggs.

  • Rainwater harvesting to make your system more environmentally friendly and reduce your water bill.

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