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Floating Wetland Islands & Floating Garden Islands 


Floating Wetland Islands (FWIs) * & Floating Garden Islands (FGIs) are islands of plants which float on the surface of your pond or lake and help clean the water while your pond or lake waters and fertilizes the plants!


FWIs & FGIs imitate wetland ecosystems in order to clean water naturally, sustainably and effectively.

Imagine a garden that never has to be watered, never has to be weeded, never has to be fertilized and never gets eaten by herbivores like rabbits or deer! FWIs & FGIs do just that - and at the same time they help to clean the water of your pond!

Not only that, but they provide a unique, attractive accent feature as well!

They also help to shade out algae, provide shelter for fish and create valuable ecological habitat for a variety of beneficial species above and below the water line (including an optional sunning area for turtles). And they’re fully customizable: They can be made in almost any size, shape and color that you want!

This technology is so effective it’s been used, for example, to clean up the water of Lake Hopatcong, an important tourist destination which covers about four square miles in northern NJ, in order to prevent harmful algal blooms (HABs). - And it’s now being made available to the average pond owner!

FGI Drawing.jpg

Conceptual drawing of a Floating Garden Island


A Floating Wetland Garden (foreground) in tank 2 of an Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System. This one contains primarily native wetland plants as well as some herbs and vegetables.

Floating wetland islands imitate floating mats of plants in nature and contain native wetland plants (and/or other native plants) many of which have beautiful flowers.


Floating garden islands grow fresh, organic herbs and/or vegetables. Eat healthy and save money on groceries!


Or you can do a combination of both if you prefer; a floating wetland garden!

The roots of the plants in both products grow down into the water, providing surface area for beneficial bacteria and improving water quality by removing excess nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen which could fuel algae growth. The leaves and stems of the plants grow above the island adding significant biodiversity enhancement. Natural life like frogs and dragonflies love the ideal conditions of FWIs & FGIs and help to protect the plants from insects.



FWIs & FGIs are excellent for improving the water quality of any pond as well as combating algae growth and are ideal for situations where existing pond filtration is inadequate - no need to purchase a whole new filtration system!



Please note that the following sizes are only examples. Let us know what dimensions you prefer and we can give you a quote. All prices include planting and installation.

Also, FWIs & FGIs can be made into organic shapes at no extra charge.

For backyard ponds, aeration is highly recommended for floating wetland islands and necessary for floating garden islands unless there is already significant aeration in the pond.


Small FWIs & FGIs are perfect for smaller backyard ponds!

Email for a free consultation or call 609-353-8888.

* Also known as; Constructed Floating Wetlands (CFWs), Vegetated Floating Islands (VFIs), Floating Treatment Wetlands (FTWs) and Artificial Floating Wetlands (AFWs)

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